The website  is primarily to share the socio legal developments on surrogacy or surrogate motherhood in India and in the global counter parts. The articles shared here, these mainly discuss the understanding on surrogacy from ancient of Mesopotamian Era to present scientific Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) procedures, and related medical procedures.

The crucial stakeholders involved namely the Surrogate or gestational mother, intending or commissioning couples, egg or gamete donors, the other stakeholders namely the ART Clinics, Banks, Medical experts, their roles or functioning, the legal safeguards, their testimonies, their plight and challenges, hardships faced by them in the course of undergoing the surrogacy, the socio cultural acceptance, taboos, stigma , myth busting.

Underlying the pertinent legal issues of motherhood , parentage determination, basic legal and human rights as  birth certification, birth registration, passport, visa, the entitlement to reproductive or procreative choices as facets of privacy,  the contest of reproductive rights , maternal health safeguards.

The issues of legal void following absence of binding statute on the same in India, the other regulatory instruments including Indian successive Draft Bills, Commission  Reports, Ministry Circulars, Case as well as Foreign Country Statutes on the same. The possible recommendations, legal framework espousing the practice and conduct of surrogacy and safeguarding the legit interest of stakeholders in the same.

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I am a Law Teacher, Researcher, Writer. I teach law, human rights, issues and plight of marginalized communities with focus on gender rights in Indian context in tandem with global perspectives. I write columns in law magazine and articles in online portals.
I undertake research on legal, policy issues and its impact , implications on the communities, the gaps in the text of law and its practices which transcends in my teaching, writing.