Trivia on surrogacy, IVF ART in India & around the world

Pub. Info-  Trivia on surrogacy, IVF ART in India & around the world, familiesthrusurrogacy,


These information are timelessly insightful for any deliberation , research, writing, presentation on ART , IVF, Surrogacy in India & around the world.

 The term Surrogacy is derived from the latin word “subrogare”, “surrogatus” meaning a substitute that is a person appointed to act in place of another.

 Forms of surrogacy- Surrogacy based on Genetic Connection: “Gestational surrogacy” where in surrogate mother not the egg donor, biologically unrelated to the child she carries in her womb. “Traditional surrogacy” where in surrogate mother is the egg donor, biologically related to the child.

 Surrogacy based on monetary consideration: “Altruistic surrogacy” wherein the surrogate receives no monetary payment for agreeing to act as gestational carrier , where as in “Commercial surrogacy” the surrogate receives monetary payment for the same.

 Transnational or Cross Border or Overseas surrogacy wherein the couples travel / avail surrogacy in the overseas jurisdiction involving the couple and the Surrogate mothers of different nationalities.

 The first ever case of traditional surrogacy is found in old testament Bible – Genesis, Chapters 16 and 30 ,the tale of Abraham & Sarai and the tale of Rachel & Jacob wherein the maid acted as gestational carrier, egg donor and bore children through their husband on the command of the infertile wife for ensuring genetic connection with the husband. The first ever codified legislative instrument on surrogacy is the Humamrabi’s code of 18th century BC § 144 to § 146 states that surrogacy as a recourse for an infertile wife to have an offspring.

 The first ever IVF test tube Baby born in the world is Louise Joy Brown born on 25th July 1978 in UK.

 The first ever scientist who made successful delivery of world ’s first Test Tube Baby is Dr. Robert Geoffrey Edwards from UK (27 September 1925 – 10 April 2013) English physiologist who developed the IVF Technology. He has been awarded Nobel prize for his work in medicine in the year 2010.

 The first ever IVF test tube Baby born in India and the world’s second is Kanupriya alias Durga on October 3, 1978, in Kolkata.

 The first ever Indian scientist who made successful delivery of India’s first Test Tube Baby is Mr. Subhash Mukhopadhyay (16 January 1931 – 19 June 1981) was posthumously honoured for successful practice and delivery of making India’s first test-tube baby only 67 days after the world’s first test tube baby by the ICMR India in the year 2002, around 21 years following his death.

 The first ever legal attorney in the world who drafted the first formal surrogacy agreement is “Attorney Noel Kene” from Michigan, USA in year 1976 – 1980. The “Attorney Noel Kene” as attorney of record for petitioners advocated for the constitutional privacy rights of couple / individuals to enter into surrogacy agreement in pursuance right to family formation, privacy in Doe v. Kelley, 106 Mich. App. at 173, 307 N.W.2d. in Syrkowski v. Appleyard, 420 Mich. 367, 362 N.W.2d 211 (1985). He also drafted the first ever gestational commercial surrogacy contract in the landmark Baby M case of New Jersey of USA, 1986 .

 The world’s first ever popular surrogacy law firm as Keane & Keane is set up by Attorney Noel Kene in Dearborn, USA which has other centers in California, Indiana, Michigan, New York and Nevada. 5  The most celebrated surrogacy commercial surrogacy in the world is Re Baby M case (109 N.J. 196, 537 A. 2d (1987).

 The most celebrated surrogacy commercial surrogacy in India is Baby Manaji Yamanda Manji vs. Union of India, [(2008) 13 S.C.C. 518].

 The first ever judicial pronouncement by the Indian Supreme court on surrogacy is in Baby Manaji Yamanda Manji vs. Union of India, [(2008) 13 S.C.C. 518] that held commercial surrogacy legal in India.

 The first ever Indian Society for promoting Assisted Reproduction ISAR is established by Dr. Mahendra Parikh the Founder President of ISAR in the year 1991 with headquarters in Bombay for creating 6 awareness and information dissemination, research on Assisted reproductive technologies.

 The first ever commercial practice of surrogacy started under the National Health Policy of year 2002 as infertility treatment introduced by the Ministry of Tourism in order to boost medical tourism and foreign exchange.

 The First ever national guidelines on the conduct of surrogacy in India , ICMR National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision & Regulation of ART Clinics in India, 2005.

 The first ever National Registry of ART Clinics in India as NARI registry has been established by ICMR Delhi in the year 2012 for causing an authentic central database on the ART clinics in the country.

 The Indian Society for Third-Party Assisted Reproduction (INSTAR) is constituted of Infertility experts, lawyers, embryologists and social 7 workers have laid down moral and ethical guidelines for the welfare of surrogates in including a minimum compensation of 2.25 lakhs for surrogate mothers nationwide along with monetary compensation in case of medical complications for surrogate mother in the year 2014.

 The First ever case of Right to Maternity leave or Right to child care leave for the women attaining motherhood through Surrogacy in India is granted by Madras High Court in K.Kalaiselvi vs Chennai Port Trust W.P.No.8188 of 2012 and successively upheld by Kerala High Court in P.Geetha vs The Kerala Livestock Development WP(C).No. 20680 of 2014 (H),18 June, 2014.

 The Popular Trend of celeb Surrogacy in India is set by three popular Hindi film actors Hindi film actor Amir Khan ( 46) and his second wife film maker Kiran Rao (38) had surrogate male child Azad Rao Mumbai in the year 2011.

 Sohail Khan Salman Khan’s younger brother, and his wife in their late 40s had their second surrogate male child Yohan in the year 2011 .\

 Shah Rukh Khan (47) and his wife Gauri Khan (42) had their third surrogate male child named Abram at Mumbai in the year 2013.

 The first of its kind popular single parent surrogacy is commissioned by Tusshar Kapoor, unmarried (39) Hindi film actor son of yesteryear film actor of Jeetendra, had first surrogate child named Laksshya at Jaslok Hospital Mumbai as on June 28th 2016.


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